May 9, 2021

7 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

7 Best Parental Control Apps for Android
7 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Does your child have a smartphone and spends too much time online?

If this is the case then you most definitely should consider parental control apps to monitor their online activity, track them and limit the time they spend on there.

For this reason, our team tried and tested the available android parental control apps and found the below ones best:


As one of the most popular in these circles, the app offers many parental control features including in-depth reports of your child’s daily activities via email.

The app has a browser independent filtering which means even if your kid installs a new browser, they still will not be able to access content that you do not want them to.

Qustudio also allows you to monitor Facebook activities through a dedicated monitoring app.

There is a feature on the app that allows useful apps e.g. reading apps, at specified times like bedtime while blocking apps like games.

The notifications on the app can only however be sent via email which is quite easy to ignore.

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Net Nanny

This is a popular app for android phones and tablets with a comprehensive and flexible filtering system.

It has a number of effective and interesting parental control features. With it, parents have full control of the children’s online activities.

Internet filters can be set to ensure kids do not access certain websites like pornography and adult content sites.

The location of the kid can be tracked and their location history displayed. Schedules and set time limits are also possible.

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Norton family

This one is a multi-device app giving you all the necessary tools for parental control and hence child safety. 

Its features include: GPS tracking, protection of all personal information, online search keyword alerts, device and web time supervision as well as monitoring of all activity on social media.

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Kaspersky Safe Kids

In the circles of digital monitoring, Kaspersky wins.

The Safe Kids service has features such as: custom and automatic internet material blocks, device usage time limits, custom device blocks and location tracking.

It is also extremely affordable. This app does not however allow viewing of the kid’s text messages.

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mSpy installs very fast, is easy to use and the customer service is outstanding.

All these make it very easy to keep up with the device usage of your child.

With it, you can be able to view all messages, calls and contacts instantly and remotely and track your kid’s location at any given time.

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Just like the other applications on our list, Kidgy monitors the kid’s online activities, limits time spent on the device and tracks location.

In addition, it allows simple tasks to be set by parents and send notifications when done.

This is courtesy of “Kidgy Daily Schedule.” This way, Kidgy ensures you stay one step ahead.

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This is one of the best and has features like checking of browsing history, monitoring text messages and social media texts, GPS tracking and set time limit.

It is designed specially to combine all required features for effective parental control. 

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