May 9, 2021

7 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

7 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad
7 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

Your kids cannot be playing outside all the time and they sure cannot use offline sources only for their educational needs.

For sure a kid will need access to a tablet or laptop at some point in time. That said, keeping them safe on their devices can prove challenging.

From keeping them from accessing inappropriate content to controlling screen time, parents can at times feel the pressure of keeping up with this constant battle.

This is where parental control software comes in. The software decides when kids access their iPhones or iPads and the kind of content they see on there.

Here are the best available parental control apps for iPhone and iPad. Most are free but may need in-app purchases for unlocking of additional features.


Over the years, Qustodio has built a name for itself as the go-to parental control app.

As a free service, it will enable you to protect a child by restricting viewable content and the times for use.

The settings are done through the accompanying app for parents or the Qustudio website,

You will however have to upgrade to a premium account if you want all the features including Facebook monitoring, location tracking and multiple device support.

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Net Nanny Parental Control App

This app helps you keep an eye on your kid’s physical as well online presence by enabling live tracking features.

These help in finding your children on the map at all times. You also get instant alerts for their online searches and app usage patterns which help in understanding what further steps to take.

Using this app also, you can decide to turn off the internet on the phones of the kids which is of great help.

The Net Nanny developers claim that the algorithms check the child’s activities in real-time and quickly assess the safety of the site.

Parents get notified instantly if the kid is accessing a harmful site or app so they take action immediately.

Lost phones can also be found using Net Nanny through retracing of the last known location on the map. Just like many, the app is free to download but comes with in-app purchases.

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Netsanity works more or less like any other parental control app.  It also comes with an AppBlocker for automatically blocking adult or flagged apps.

A screen-time scheduling feature is also available and lets your kids focus on studies or other physical activity instead of spending up the whole day using their mobile phones.

As a parent, you set your own “Digital Timeout” which is enabled on your iPad or iPhone.

Netsanity also lets you block accessing screenshots, camera and downloads.

There is also a streaming VPN feature allowing kids to stream on apps like Netflix without exposure to adult content. Location monitoring features however are not available.

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Some parents do not want to be really strict with their child. Honestly, not every child needs it.

unGlue offers a fun way to control your child’s device by letting you manage their access to the internet and screen time in an interactive way.

Here, the child earns extra screen time for doing odd jobs like walking the dog.

The app set up may be a hustle but it is worth it. For it to function, you need to have to separate apps i.e. for the child and for you.

The fun part is that your kid can ask to get more time for some chores like reading a book or cleaning.

For every task a pop-up appears and you choose whether to deny or accept the request. Also, if you agree, the kid can convert their daily step counts into having more screen time.

If they choose to carry forward, there Is a time bank for collecting the saved time from the given limit. Withdrawing from this bank is of course regulated by the parent app.

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This app offers location monitoring and an in-depth look at the online activity of your child including social media and web activity.

If you notice your kid is hooked to a certain app, you can block access quickly. You can also connect to their YouTube accounts to monitor their subscriptions or searches.

When a suspicious photo is downloaded, the app notifies the parent automatically.

It is free to download and additional features are unlocked after purchasing.

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Parental Control App by Kidslox

This app helps you closely monitor phone usage and make changes quickly in the event that you spot suspicious activity.

Parents can block apps that are inappropriate, filter content on the web and restrict access to the internet.

You also get to track the location of your kids with a live tracking map.

The app also has a unique Kidslox PIN which cannot be changed or accessed by the kids without the parent’s consent.

It also alerts you when your kid has arrived home or left school. The modes available are Child, Parent and Lockdown mode. The app can be used on iPad or iPhone and is also available for android.

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