May 9, 2021

Best IT courses to take online from home for beginners

Most Marketable IT Courses
Most Marketable IT Courses

The advancements in technology have made the world embrace online platforms much better. Over the years, there has been a rapid increase in virtual learning platforms. Technology has made it easy for people to study online easily.

Information Technology courses are an excellent choice since they help you become a more competitive and valuable employee. E-learning has made it easier for individuals to acquire new skills or even change their career.

IT professionals can advance in their career through taking these online courses. E-learning is accessible since there are so many online learning platforms that offer IT courses.

With the current global pandemic, people have embraced working from home and also learning new IT skills that will help them grow in their careers. E-learning is affordable as well since most of the courses are offered at a reduced fee.

Also, the students do not have to waste time attending lectures when they can just access them at the comfort of their homes. Online courses allow students with inflexible hours to study since they can work at their own speed.

There are several IT courses that can be learnt online even by beginners. The student only needs a laptop or smartphone and stable internet connection.

8 Most Marketable IT Courses

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Web design: It is one of the best and basic online classes that teaches the student how to develop and maintain website. The world has embraced e-commerce, e-learning among others. Most organizations, businesses or companies need websites to post, sell and market their products. Therefore, the course is also highly marketable. You will learn web development languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript among others.

Cyber security courses: Security is one of the key areas in IT. Organizations need to protect their data from malicious attacks by all means. This course will equip the students with the right skills to protect data and systems from attacks that will compromise the reputation of the company. They will be taught how to identify any vulnerabilities and fix them before hackers launch their attacks.

Hardware maintenance: Computer hardware need to be maintained and repaired. Breaking down of computer hardware is inevitable and can be caused by poor handling, lack of proper skills, obsolete technology among others. This course will teach you how to handle this hardware, repair it and maintain them to prevent any future failures.

Digital Marketing: Currently, 59% of the global population are active internet users. Using the internet as a base for your marketing will help you reach out to large group of people. It also involves search engine optimization that will help you skyrocket your sales. The course will also help the student learn how use social media to boost customer engagement.

Programming languages: There are not enough coders in the world to meet the high demand on mobile applications and systems today. Smartphones, computers and electronic devices have become a part of our lives. This course will teach you how to develop exquisite applications and systems. You will learn programming languages like Java, Python, C, C++ among others for building the applications.

Data Science and Analytics: Data needs to be mined and processed for research and comparative study. You will also be taught how to interpret data using the right tools. This course will introduce the learner to big data, data analysis, machine learning, statistical data analysis and data analysis using excel. After completion, the learner will become a data scientist and so many opportunities for them.

Graphic Design and Animation: This is also a good course that you can make a good career out of. First impressions really matter. Therefore, there is a raising demand on quality images, 3D images, illustrator videos, animations among others. This course will equip you with the skills to come up with visually appealing videos and images for your customers and products. There lots and lots of graphical design jobs available today.

Microsoft Office Suite: This is the most basic yet so important for any individual. It contains MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access among others. All these are relevant in every career opportunity available. This course will equip the learner with skills that will help them thrive in their careers.

Those are some of the courses that can be learnt online by anyone even beginners without a struggle. These courses are offered by different sites.

Benefits Of Learning IT Courses Online

  • Wide range of courses: There is a wide range of courses available at the learner’s disposal online. Individuals can learn new skills every day, advance in their career or even change their careers from studying online.
  • Online courses are affordable: Traditional colleges charge a lot of money for courses. Online classes are way cheaper than the normal tuition fee charged in colleges. All learning materials are available online so the learner does not have to incur any extra costs on that.
  • Convenient and flexible: It gives students the opportunity to learn at their own speed. They are suitable for people with busy schedules.
  • Career advancement: Students can complete courses without interfering with their schedule. They do not have to quit their current jobs to study or put studying on hold in order to raise a family. With online courses they will not have any discontinuity in their resume. Also, the learner will learn so many new skills that will lead to a job promotion, a better opportunity or salary increase.
  • Improve your technical skills: Technology changes every day. There are new technologies and languages that IT professionals need to learn. Online courses will enable them improve these skills without interfering with their jobs. They will become even more competent in their working environment. 

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