May 9, 2021

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Photo Editing

7 Best Photo Editing Software Of All Times

November 13, 2020 dmuhoro 0

Products of photo editing software modify, manipulate, format and enhance image files. The tools are meant to manipulate, change or improve raw photos to fit the needs of a business. The tools come in handy […]

code like a pro

Best Coding Apps To Learn Like A Pro

September 21, 2020 dmuhoro 0

Udacity Udacity is a platform that allows learners to acquire IT skills. It offers a variety of programs in the tech field like Programming, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence among others. The upside in […]


Best Practices for a Secure Remote Workforce

September 10, 2020 dmuhoro 1

To thrive in remote working you ought to have the right systems and processes for the organization/business for things to run smoothly. Systems and processes have to be core functionality in every business. The systems […]


How Organizations are Managing Remote Workforce

September 10, 2020 dmuhoro 1

Currently, remote working is on the rise. Most organizations have resulted in remote working due to the corona-virus global pandemic. Remote work allows professionals to work outside their typical traditional office environment. It is based […]



August 31, 2020 dmuhoro 0

Most people in the world today have heard of AI. It is mostly associated with robots from fiction movies where the robots end up making the world a better place for humans. Artificial intelligence has […]


Learn Social Media Marketing Online

August 27, 2020 dmuhoro 2

According to, 3.6 billion people in the world are using social media. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect and share information with the audience through building online communities […]

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