May 9, 2021
Change system default voicemail greeting

Change 3CX System Default Voicemail Greeting

December 15, 2020 dmuhoro 0

In order to re-record the prompt you would first need to create a custom prompt set by going to System prompts>Manage Prompt Sets>Select your current prompt set>Copy Prompt Set. After you have done that, you […]

Photo Editing

7 Best Photo Editing Software Of All Times

November 13, 2020 dmuhoro 0

Products of photo editing software modify, manipulate, format and enhance image files. The tools are meant to manipulate, change or improve raw photos to fit the needs of a business. The tools come in handy […]

Top 8 Online Learning Sites

Which are the best Online Learning Sites?

August 14, 2020 dmuhoro 2

When it comes to education, the internet has a lot to offer which includes high quality education anytime, anywhere and at your own place. once connected to the internet, you can connect with millions of […]

7 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

7 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

August 11, 2020 dmuhoro 6

Does your child have a smartphone and spends too much time online? If this is the case then you most definitely should consider parental control apps to monitor their online activity, track them and limit […]

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