May 9, 2021

How to create your first outbound rule on 3CX?


3CX is one of the most affordable VoIP system ideal for start ups,Mid size companies and even large organizations.

It also has a module that supports the hospitality industry specifically a hotel telephony system.

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Convert text to speech

Among the many advantages of 3CX is that it can be deployed on premise and on cloud too.

It has an auto deploy to cloud with support currently for AWS,Azure and GCP.

The deployment has been simplified so that one can have a system up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Another advantage of 3CX is that it doesn’t consume a lot of resources in terms of RAM,CPU and storage.

One can comfortably run a system on the minimum OS 1vCPU,1GB and less than 10GB of hard disk storage.(I will write an article on all the advantages of 3CX).

Like any telephony system in the market when you want to make a call from an extension,the PBX has to follow a set of rules so as to know how to make the outgoing call.These are what are referred to as outbound rules.

Guidelines when using outbound rules.

  • They are processed in the order they appear and if a match to a rule is confirmed the call wont go through any other rule.
  • Any blank entries are automatically ignored.

One of the biggest drawback to how 3CX has implemented such that you cannot export or import outbound rules,this is a major feature that is missing.

The ability to do bulk import is important if you are deploying many systems in one region that will require to use the system outbound rules.

Considering some systems can have over 200 outbound rules then you can see why this is an important capability to have on the system.

How to access outbound rules on 3cx

From the dashboard after successfully logging in to the admin section,on the left you should select the outbound rule menu.

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