May 9, 2021

How To Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

How To Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10 task manager

This mostly happens immediately after booting or restarting of a machine where by it becomes very slow in booting and also unusable in the first few minutes.

This may happen after installing a new operating system or after using the operating system for a while.This of-course creates a bad user experience and we will look into ways of improving this .

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The steps below can be applied all of them together or you can test one by one to see which one fixes your problem.Our recommendation is to do one by one so as to know how to recover the state of machine in-case of any unforeseen issue.

  • Update windows 10.
  • Disable Windows Search Service.
  • Deleting temporary files,update logs.
  • Check your disk de-fragmentation configuration.
  • Update your device drivers.
  • Disable Super-fetch.
  • Reset Virtual Memory. 
  • Check the configuration of your AHCI PCle .
  • Disable Windows Update
  •  Backup and reinstall Windows.
  • Upgrade hard disk to SSD.

Update Windows 10

Microsoft will always recommend to run the latest version of their operating system. With windows 10 you can either be doing an upgrade or an update,a windows upgrade is done when Microsoft release a new version.These upgrades are done less often most of the times 3 or 4 times an year.

To check the version of windows you are running, From the start menu search for ‘about your pc’ After the device specification under Windows specification you should see your Edition and Version.

A windows update on the other hard is done more often and is mostly for delivering patches both security and performance.

Having the latest windows ensures that because new versions will include tweaks that Microsoft engineers have come up with during their research and developments.

Checking windows update on windows 10 Windows update

Disable Windows Search Service

The windows search service is a service by Microsoft which is used to index files and items in your machine,this helps the system find user files faster.

However this process can consume a lot of resources and affect the performance,If you don’t have a lot of files or at-least they are well organized and don’t require to search for files regularly then you can safely disable this service.

From the start menu search for services, from the services list find Windows search from the list. Disable the service and also select the start up type to ensure the process doesn’t start on boot. Finally reboot the machine and confirm if performance has improved.

Deleting temporary files,update logs too

Ensuring your machine is not clogged with unnecessary files is important, apart from saving on storage this greatly improves the performance of the Windows operating system.

Checking windows update on windows 10 deleting temporary files

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