May 9, 2021

Teachers from Four Counties Trained on ICT Skills

African Digital Schools Initiative
African Digital Schools Initiative

The competency-based curriculum has forced teachers to acquire digital literacy skills for better teaching. Nevertheless, the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in e-learning. Thus, teachers ought to possess these digital skills.

800 teachers in 80 schools in Kiambu, Nyamira, Taita Taveta, and Narok counties have been trained in ICT through the Sh750 million program. The initiative is funded by MasterCard Foundation and overseen by the AU Commission and Ministry of Education.

As part of the African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) program, 200 teachers from Kiambu county will lead digital literacy in their respective schools upon completion of an information and communication technology course. It will enhance the teachers’ capacity to deliver learning to pupils since they will be able to create online content.

The African Digital Schools Initiative program encompasses a comprehensive whole-school approach incorporating ICT integration on a whole-school basis to bring about better teaching and learning across the curriculum. It will help children actively participate in the development of knowledge.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has led us into thinking of ways to resume learning.  Schools must embrace e-learning as it is the future. When controlled and better managed, it has helped in the good performance witnessed in last year’s exam results,” said Kiambu county director of education, Victoria Mulili.

Speaking in an ADSI meeting in Juja, the county director of education encouraged teachers to say that the initiative will help schools become e-compliant.

Regina Opondo, the Teacher’s Service Commission Kiambu county boss, said the teachers have imparted the knowledge to the learners. She also urged parents and teachers to engage children through practical ways – not just theoretical.

“Digital school of distinction was meant for school leaders and teachers’ professional development was for teachers where we have walked with them for four years. The teachers who introduced the technology in 2016 can comfortably integrate technology in the classroom,” said GESCI project coordinator Christine Akello.

Teachers learn in-depth on knowledge literacy, knowledge deepening, and knowledge creation. It will ultimately help teachers create content they can use for teaching, especially during the pandemic period.

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