May 9, 2021

Twiga Foods, IFC, and KCB Partner on an Sh3.2bn Project to Support Farmers

twiga foods
twiga foods

Twiga Foods has secured Sh3.2bn funding from International Finance Corporation (IFC) to support small and medium-scale farmers. The fund will deliver through unfunded risk-sharing facilities (RSFs) where the first phase will be led by Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

The proposed investment seeks to support over 300 irrigated medium-scale contract farmers to complement Twiga’s seasonal smallholder farmer supply base. The initiative will help stabilize year-round fresh fruit and vegetable volumes in line with Twiga Foods mission of supplying readily available safe, affordable, and high-quality food to Kenya’s urban markets.

According to Twiga CEO and co-founder, Peter Njonjo, the initiative lines up strategically with the Government of Kenya’s Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy, which aims at boosting food security in the medium term through modernizing and scaling of commercial farming for the domestic market.

Twiga Foods is a Kenyan agri-tech startup with a business-to-business technology-enabled food distribution platform. It builds fair and reliable markets for agricultural producers, food manufacturers, and retailers based on transparency and efficiency.

How does Twiga Foods work?


  • A supplier signs up to join Twiga.
  • Twiga issues a purchase order to book the produce and indicate the date of harvest/delivery.
  • Twiga harvests and weighs suppliers’ produce and issues you with a receipt.
  • Suppliers receive a payment within 24 hours.

In the Marketplace:

  • All fresh produce is gathered at the Collection Centres or delivered to our central processing center.
  • Produce goes to the Packhouse for processing, grading, and dispatch to over 100 sales routes.


  • A vendor signs up to join Twiga
  • Twiga sales representative visits the vendor and registers them onto the system.
  • The vendor places an order with a sales representative.
  • Twiga delivers produce directly to vendors shops.

Twiga suppliers unlock a ton of benefits like farming advice, transparent pricing, guaranteed market, and more. The Twiga vendors also get to enjoy fair prices, quality produce, free delivery, easy tracking, and more. Visit Twiga Foods for more information.

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