May 9, 2021

Which are the best Online Learning Sites?

Top 8 Online Learning Sites
Top 8 Online Learning Sites

When it comes to education, the internet has a lot to offer which includes high quality education anytime, anywhere and at your own place. once connected to the internet, you can connect with millions of students from all over the world. There are sites that offer free courses accompanied by a free digital certificate while others give the free courses and you pay for the certificate if need be. Also, to take other courses, you pay fully.

Here are the top 9 online learning sites


This is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses from universities around the world. It provides online skill and career building opportunities to anyone. It offers 5 different learning options I.e Individual courses, Specialization courses, Professional certificates, MasterTrack certificates and Degrees.

All these courses vary in cost and duration. Coursera offers thousands of free courses but also charges for some courses offered. Courses vary in price. Coursera payments can either be monthly subscription based, one-off payments or annual payments. Sign-up for free courses on Coursera website.

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It is one of the most popular online learning platforms in the world. It has a variety of courses available for the students and its quite easy to navigate. Udemy also has a wide range of free and paid courses.

It offers a certificate for all approved and paid courses for the learners. This platform offers a 30-day money back guarantee so if the learner is dissatisfied with the product they can ask for a refund. Udemy will help you learn new skills easily. Click on the link to access free courses available on Udemy Website.

LinkedIn Learning

It is an online educational platform for professionals to learn new skills. The prices are subscription based which can be done either monthly at $29.99 or annually at $19.99/month.

It also has a one-month free trial. The learner can take unlimited courses after subscription. The learner gets access to over 16000 courses. They also get personalized course recommendations in their fields. Learners will also earn certificates upon completion of a course. Visit LinkedIn for 1 month Free Trial.


A global online educational platform. It offers massive open online courses. Courses are available through short videos, tutorial videos, open forums for students to interact with one another and interactive learning exercises. Certification is awarded after course completion. It had both free and paid online courses. Sign-up for free online classes on edX website.

It offers a wide range of free IT courses. It offers courses that are designed by textbook publishers. Learners can opt to for short courses or diploma courses. Pricing

Courses are free but the learner has to pay for the certificate upon completion if they want the certificate. It has a premium package for additional features. Visit to sign-up for free courses.

Africa Experts Academy

This is an online platform offering different categories of courses such as agriculture, health, business, ICT, M&E and more. The courses are 5 or 10-day courses but the good thing is that they can be customized to your preference.

Africa Experts Academy additionally offers on-site training for individuals and institutions. A certificate is issued upon completion. Visit website to view the different courses offered by Africa Experts Academy.


A online educational platform that offers free coding classes. It offers languages used for web development, computer programming and data science. This platform will be suitable for learners who would like to venture into software development.

It has both free and paid courses,the learner is charged for certificates of completion. It has a subscription based package of $15.99 per month. With the package the learner has access to unlimited basic courses and members-only content.Sign-Up for free courses on the Codecademy website.


An online educational platform that offers a wide range of courses and nano degrees on programming, data science, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, clod computing and business.

It has free and paid courses. Paid courses prices vary depending on the course. The also have scholarship programs so learners can apply and earn a scholarship. Udacity completion certificates are not free.

Visit Udacity website to signup.


It is an e-learning platform that equips the learner with the skills and the data they need to succeed. It focuses on two plans:- Skill and Flow. Skill. It uses a subscription based model for pricing. If the learner wants a certificate then they should opt for the premium package. Plans can be selected for teams or personal use.

Visit Pluralsight website to Sign-Up for free 10 day trial.

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