February 16, 2021

Which is the Best Managed Service Provider Pricing Model?

Best Managed Service Provider Pricing Model?
Best Managed Service Provider Pricing Model?

Not all businesses have the resources to handle IT tasks in-house. Most small and growing businesses find it no cost effective to maintain permanent IT personnel. Also, these businesses should focus on growth and not how they will troubleshoot a system.

Most business owners opt to outsource for these services by getting a managed service provider. An MSP helps in managing the companies IT infrastructure. The MSP will let you focus on the core business, manage costs and improve the quality of service. It ca be used by companies with no dedicated IT support team/department or those that want to complement their existing IT staff.

There are different pricing models available in the market. Customers can choose the model that best-fit their needs.

Per Device Monitoring:

This model requires the user to pay a flat fee for specific devices.

This model is flexible since customer can add and remove devices as needed.

The only drawback is that the cost of the IT support rises as the number of devices increase.

Tiered Pricing:

It offers different packages services at different prices. Each tier has its own set of services and support.

The client should choose the package that suits their needs.

Most clients tend to flock on the cheapest option which may not meet their needs. Also these service packages may not meet the needs of every client.

Value-based Pricing

It provides a complete range of IT solutions for a business at a flat fee.

It is the most comprehensive MSP model since it offers support for all the customers.

Monitoring-only Pricing:

In this model, the MSP only monitors specific aspects of the clients IT infrastructure.

It usually involves alerting customers of any incidents but mitigating the incidents.

It is mostly used by companies who have an IT department but lack the specialty or tools to monitor their system or network.

Per User Pricing:

This model charges a fee for every user.

It covers all IT support needs for each employee in every device they use.

It suitable for employees using multiple devices and companies that require round-the-clock user support.

A La Carte Pricing Model:

This model allows the user to select the IT services they would like to include in the agreement.

It allows flexibility since the customer can build their own plan depending on their needs.

All-you-can-eat Model:

It offers all services including remote support and on-site support at a flat fee.

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