May 9, 2021

Why is a 2-in-1 Laptop good for Students

Laptops for students

Can’t decide on a tablet or laptop? Then a 2-in-1 is probably best for you. Also known as convertible laptops, they offer the best of both worlds all in one device. The best bit is that you can now choose laptops that fold 3600 over or ones with detachable keyboards. As a student, you need a device that offers good functionality without worrying about the cost of getting yourself a second device.

How to choose the best 2 in 1 laptops

Here is what to consider when getting a 2-in-1 laptop for campus-

Will you use it around campus?

If you will have to carry your machine around all day then you will need one that is lightweight, slim and with a longer battery life. The MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 7 is ideal here because besides being lightweight, it also packs up so much power as well as state of the art accessories including its Typecover and Surface Pen. These makes it ideal for making sketches or making handwritten notes on the go-you can even type up full essays.

Microsoft surface pro 7 on amazon.

Will you watch films and TV?

For regular Netflix, you do not need to compromise on quality. You should look out for devices having full HD displays for a colorful and crisp picture.

The HP Elite Dragonfly with premium graphics as well as Quad HD display lets you watch films in good detail and vibrant color. This is one convertible laptop that can also handle games quite effectively and can be paired with your Xbox or PlayStation Wireless Controller for on the go gaming.

Giving presentations?

Is part of your degree work giving presentations? Are you looking for that wow factor while at it? Then look no more. A convertible laptop is what you need. The HP Envy x360 comes with the latest technology and will help you in the development of your work and ideas in the best way possible.

All your demanding work will be handled by its powerful processor and your work will stand out with beautiful 3D visuals and graphics. It also loads programs that are frequently used very fast so you do not have to worry about using up too much time.

Detachable or hinged?

Hinged convertible laptops feel and look like a premium laptop. Their screens are larger which is perfect for presentations and have more powerful processors. Detachable ones on the other hand come with the freedom to carry or use around without having to use the keyboard. Their screens are smaller and processors less powerful.

For film fans, the Asus Chromebook Flip is perfect as you can use it in tent mode meaning your keyboard will not get in the way while you are watching.

Amount of power needed.

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The more powerful your processor the more you can be able to do with your device. Cheaper alternatives come with a Premium or Celeron processor which are best for surfing or writing essays but with more demanding tasks like gaming, photo and video editing they may pose a struggle. If you plan to multitask, then you should go for a high-end Intel processor.

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