May 9, 2021

Which Are The Best Free Video Editing softwares?

Best Free Video Editing softwares
Best Free Video Editing softwares

Back then, you needed to have expensive software and equipment for video editing but there are now some amazing and free programs that can be accessed by anyone. Whether Windows, Linux or Mac, there is no need to spend so much money on professional video-editing software.

We have reviewed the best programs available for you to try so you can have a good and easy start to video editing.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Available for: Android, Windows, Mac and iOS

Looking for an all-in-one app for creating and sharing videos on social networks? Adobe Premiere Rush is definitely for you. This program from Adobe meets all your video sharing and editing needs. With it, you can edit videos anywhere and anytime. Its desktop version is compatible with Windows as well as Mac PCs.

It has a variety of motion graphics, color, audio and other editing features which are quite easy to use. From the app itself, you can actually create a video right from there which makes it even much more convenient. The free version has some limited features but you can always pay if you want more.

Learn about Adobe Premiere Rush, the easy-to-use, all-in-one video editing software for online video creators


Available for: Linux, Windows and Mac

A great video editor for beginners, OpenShot’s user interface is extremely easy to use. You may find that more complex tools give more editing features but the intuitive interface of OpenShot and its minimal design are great when it comes to simple editing.

This is great for small businesses and is good for clip rotation, trimming, resizing, snapping and scaling. It gives audio editing, credit scrolling, real-time preview, frame stepping and time mapping. Check out the award winning OpenShot.


Available for: Linux, Windows and Mac

This one includes an intuitive and simple interface meaning it is easy to pick up. It also offers detailed video editing tutorials which makes it easier and more accessible.

It has a suite of licensed music clips and stock videos that are original for use, giving your marketing video a polished look.Review the easy to use LightWorks.


As one of the best video editing solutions, this is a tool available for use by everyone. Some of its key features include luma waveform, scrubbing, syncing, waveform visualization, audio mixing, histogram displays and chroma vectorscope.

Unlike OpenShot, it does not offer unlimited layers. It however has 32 openings where you can add effects, videos, audios and images. Professional users get a 3D animation suite.Check out Blender the ideal choice for start-ups.


Available for: Linux, Windows and Mac

This is an open-source and free, cross-platform software with great features. You just need to download and immediately begin usage. The program supports all video platforms as well as formats.

One best feature is that you need not import the video into the editor which saves so much time. Another great feature is the 4k resolution provided. There is also interlacing, wipe transitions, color correction etc. One of the best tools for YouTubers.

DaVinci Resolve

Available for: Linux, Windows and Mac

As a software mostly for pros and professionals, this one is the first of its kind to make it to our list. It has tools that caters to pros who need high-end software to utilize all aspects of it.

The User Cache feature for instance, gives users on a project the opportunity to have and manage their very own cache files therefore optimizing system performance. Projects can also be protected using user rights. It also comes with 500 royalty-free foley sounds collection as a bonus! Try out the Feature-rich, high-end post-production software.

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